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Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G Review; Plus price in India


The common factor between the OnePlus Nord 3( Review), OnePlus 11R( Review) and iQoo Neo 7 Pro( Review) is that they're all priced underRs. 40,000 in India, and concentrate on furnishing flagship- grade performance. The decorationmid-range member has witnessed a swell of phone launches recently, and if these options weren't enough, there's the new Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G to add to the list.

Priced at Rs. 39,999, the Reno 10 Pro 5G sits between the birth Reno 10 5G and the top- of- the- line Reno 10 Pro 5G( Review).

While utmost of the competition aims at offering value- for- plutocrat performance, the Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G has a many tricks up its sleeve to stand out in the crowd. Should you consider buying it? Then's our full review to help you decide.

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G price in India The Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G has been launched in India in a single storehouse option. It comes with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storehouse, priced atRs. 39,999. OnePlus 11R 5G Review Back in Form

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G design and display

The Oppo Reno 10 Pro has been launched in two colour options Argentine Grey and lustrous grandiloquent. We've the ultimate, which looks relatively unique compared to utmost other recent phones launching in tones of green and black. The phone has a twisted hinder panel and frame. The glass reverse of the Oppo Reno 10 Pro offers a decoration in- hand sense. What contributes to this farther is the fairly slim and featherlight figure. The Reno 10 Pro is about7.89 mm thick and weighs 185g. That being said, there are times when the phone has slipped out of my hands due to the smooth finish of the reverse.

The Oppo Reno 10 Pro is quite a showstopper in my opinion. The choice of colours and design combined make it look like a much more precious smartphone. The candescent metallic finish also does a good job of hiding fingerprints and smirches. While the hinder panel is made of glass, the lattice is made of plastic. The phone has its power and volume buttons on the right edge, which are fluently accessible if you have fairly large hands. iQoo Neo 7 Pro 5G Review Good Value

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 2 Oppo Reno 10 Pro

Oppo Reno 10 Pro offers a decoration in- hand sense with its glass back On the front, the Oppo Reno 10 Pro has a6.7- inch AMOLED display with a full- HD resolution( 2412 x 1080 pixels) and a20.19 aspect rate. Just like the Vivo V27 Pro( Review), OnePlus 11R( Review) and a many affordable options similar as the Motorola Edge 40( Review),

the display on the Reno 10 Pro 5G is twisted towards the edges. I didn't witness any ghost or accidental traces while scrolling or playing games on the phone.

OnePlus Nord 3 5G Review Levelling Up

What I did have an issue with was the single- speaker setup. For a smartphone underRs. 40,000, it's veritably introductory to have a good binary- speaker setup, and it's a total bummer that Oppo chose to only offer a single speaker in the Reno 10 Pro 5G. Plus, there's no3.5 mm headphone jack moreover. The bright side is that the speaker is relatively loud but the audio experience isn't as immersive.

OPPO reno 10 Pro WM 7 Oppo Reno 10 Pro

The Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G has fairly slim bezels around the display On the bright side, the 120Hz display offers up to 950 nits of peak brilliance while consuming HDR content. There's support for HDR playback on YouTube but not on Netflix at the time of writing this. The vibrant 10- bit display offers support for a billion colours. Oppo has decided for an AGC Dragontrail Star 2 glass, which is said to offer 20 percent bettered drop resistance compared to Corning Gorilla Glass 5.

I didn't witness any major stutters while scrolling through the stoner interface when the refresh rate setting was set to bus Switch. There were some software- related issues however, which we will talk about in the coming section.

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G specifications and software

The Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G features a Snapdragon 778G SoC with an Adreno 642L GPU. The phone packs a 4,600 mAh battery and offers 80W SuperVOOC fast charging. It offers connectivity features similar as Wi- Fi 6, Bluetooth5.2, binary- SIM, IR emitter, etc. The Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G comes with 14 5G bands in India.

In terms of software, the Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G runs the rearmost ColorOS13.1, grounded on Android 13. Oppo's ColorOS has evolved over the times and has been one of the most favored options for personalisation and customisation. The Reno 10 Pro continues to give druggies the option to change wallpapers, acclimate frontal shape and size, change icon shape and size,etc.

There's also support for Android 13's Material You theme, which matches the system and UI colours with the wallpaper's colours. Also, Oppo also lets druggies choose when a bunch of featured colour options for the UI and system icons in the Settings app. further details about ColorOS13.1 have been participated in our Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G review.

While ColorOS13.1 is point-rich, it's agonized with app recommendations and advertisements through the stoner interface, be it the set- up screen, bloatware- loaded app hole and home screen, or app recommendations in the dereliction cybersurfer app. There are also a bunch of not- so-popular games and third- party apps preinstalled. App request, Oppo's native App Store, also spams you with multiple announcements, suggesting you install certain operations.

OPPO reno 10 Pro WM 6 Oppo Reno 10 Pro

Oppo Reno 10 Pro comes with over 50 preinstalled apps Oppo seems to have taken feedback and has stated that unwanted apps asking for installation authorization when first setting up the phone will be removed to give a better experience in the coming software interpretation. still, Hot Games and Hot Apps, which are Oppo's native app recommendation flyers will continue to be available.

druggies can hide these flyers by going to App request> General> Tap Settings at the top right corner and disabling the toggle for Hot Apps and Hot Games. You can also disable the recommendations spam by long- pressing on one of the announcements, tapping on' further Settings' and disabling the' Allow announcements' toggle.

still, there seems to be a need for optimisation as I noticed the screen exposure changing automatically indeed when the bus- rotate option was impaired. There were times when I noticed minor jitters while going back to the homescreen. Hopefully, Oppo fixes these issues soon. The Oppo Reno 10 Pro is promised to get two major Android updates and security support for three times.

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G performance and battery life

The Oppo Reno 10 Pro features amid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G SoC, which we've seen in a many smartphones priced at aroundRs. 30,000 in India. The Reno 10 Pro 5G is easily not the most important phone in the member. still, when it comes to routine tasks similar as scrolling through social media, messaging, content consumption, app lading, etc, the chipset can still get the job done.

Casual gaming, too, is realizable. still, for the price, the likes of the OnePlus Nord 3( Review), OnePlus 11R( Review) and iQoo Neo 7 Pro( Review) offer far better gaming performance and value. Battlegrounds Mobile India( BGMI) supports' HDR' plates and' Ultra' framerate settings. I noticed some stutter when playing with the loftiest settings but the gameplay was slightly better when the plates settings were dropped to' Balanced' or' HD'. Asphalt 9 Legends, on the other hand, ran relatively easily.

RAM operation is relatively good and apps continued to load from where I had left them. The Reno 10 Pro also offers support for over to 8 GB of virtual RAM, which is espoused from the 256 GB of internal memory.

OPPO reno 10 Pro WM 1 Oppo Reno 10 Pro

Oppo Reno 10 Pro's in- display point scanner is placed relatively low for comfort I also ran a many standard tests on the Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G. It scored 5,89.206 points on AnTuTu( v10). In Geekbench 6, the phone scored 1,013( single- core test) and 2,669 points(multi-core test).

It gets demolished by the competition, with the iQoo Neo 7 Pro scoring points in AnTuTu( v10). While marks aren't the only metric to judge a phone's performance, it does punctuate that raw performance isn't the Reno 10 Pro's speciality.

still, when it comes to battery life, the Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G can last a full day. My average screen- on time( alkie) was about 8 hours and 20 twinkles. When there was further than two hours of gameplay involved, the phone returned a alkie of about 6 hours and 50 twinkles. In our HD videotape battery circle test, the Oppo Reno 10 Pro lasted for 20 hours and 44 twinkles. The 80W SuperVOOC bowl renewals the battery fully in about 29 twinkles.

Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G cameras

The Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G features a triadic- camera setup on the reverse. It has a 50- megapixel Sony IMX890 primary camera with support for optic image stabilisation( OIS). The same detector is set up in the flagship OnePlus 11( Review) and the Oppo Reno 10 Pro 5G. The Reno 10 Pro also features an 8- megapixelultra-wide camera and a 32- megapixel blowup camera with 2X optic drone. For selfies, there's a 32- megapixel frontal camera detector.

Starting with the primary camera, you get good quality images with true- to- life colours. The dynamic range performance is good in utmost cases. There were times when the exposure in the murk wasn't optimal. Night mode shots were well- exposed with little- to- no noise in numerous scripts. The highlights weren't blown out while trying to retain details in the murk. In my opinion, the Reno 10 Pro's primary camera's low- light performance is among the stylish in the member.

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