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Dailyobjects Surge Magnetic MagSafe Battery Pack Review


When a home- grown accessories brand like Daily Objects decided to have a go at it, it caught my attention. The product is not manufactured in India, but has been designed by the brand. The Surge MagSafe power bank packs a 10,000 mAh battery and offers both wired and wireless charging. Let's take a near look at whether this MagSafe wireless battery pack does the job or not.

iPhone 12 series of bias

Apple introduced its first- party MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 series of bias, and while it worked well as a MagSafe bowl, utmost of the stoner feedback on the Internet sounded to suggest that it slightly had the capacity to eclipse up indeed a regular- sized iPhone. While Apple lately discontinued its MagSafe Battery Pack accessory, numerous third- party manufacturers have tried to deliver superior druthers , and some succeeded while others failed.

diurnal Objects Launch glamorous MagSafe

The Surge glamorous MagSafe Wireless Battery Pack sure looks the part and seems like someone did put a lot of allowed into designing it. Its body is made out of ABS plastic, but it doesn't feel cheap because of the matte finish which has managed to help attracting fingerprints during the course of this review.

Near the top, there's an orange button on one side and a USB Type- C harborage on the other. Between these two, sits a simple LED display which, along with showing the status of the charge,

has a green index to show if the battery pack is fast- charging a device. The orange button is substantially used to wake up the display which shines through the hinder panel to reveal its charge( or discharge) status. When you are not charging a device, the display remains unnoticeable, hidden under the hinder panel.

There is also a nice kickstand

around the reverse of the Surge power bank which is made out of essence and crowds outwards enough to make the iPhone's display easily visible when placed on the battery pack vertically. The iPhone can also be placed horizontally for viewing vids or for using the new Standby mode( available with iOS 17) when charging.

The alignment of the MagSafe attractions is perfect

I tried this on two iPhones, an iPhone 14 Plus and an iPhone 14 Pro, and they aligned impeccably with the battery pack having a tight grip and stuck to them like a bloodsucker. Once mounted, there is a veritably small chance that the bowl will detach itself from the phone accidentally, whether it's in a pack or in your fund.

There's a good quantum of force demanded to separate the bowl from the iPhone formerly mounted and this is commodity that I really liked.

When snapped onto an iPhone 14 Pro

it's as broad as the range of the iPhone but about an inch shorter in terms of height. This is because the placement of the MagSafe attractions is near to the top edge of the bowl, which keeps the phone floating above the nethermost edge of the bowl. When snapped onto an iPhone 14 Plus, the phone fluently covers it on all sides sitting about 2- elevation advanced at the top with no redundant space left at the bottom.

The bowl weighs 209g which makes it as heavy as the iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 14 Plus. While it does appear chunky when snapped onto the iPhone 14 Pro, it felt compact when attached to a 14 Plus given the phone's larger overall size. I set up the bowl compact enough for it to fluently slide down my regular-fit jeans fund, but easily is not fitting into any slim-fit jeans.

DailyObjects Launch glamorous MagSafe Wireless Battery

Since the Daily Objects Surge is designed with iPhones( with MagSafe capability) in mind, I substantially tested it with an iPhone 14 Pro which has a 3,200 mAh battery and an iPhone 14 Plus which has a much larger 4,323 mAh battery. As per Daily Objects, the wireless battery pack can charge an iPhone at a outside of 15W wirelessly or at 18W using a string.

still, effects do not exactly work as announced and this is substantially to do with the wireless charging instrument bit. Since this is a" MagSafe Compatible" certified product, it'll charge at7.5 W only unlike other" Made for MagSafe" certified products, which can charge at 15W. In short, you're limited to Qi charging pets,

whether ou're using power from the battery pack or via a wall outlet when used as a regular bowl. And this also means that the regular wired Apple MagSafe bowl can charge briskly at 15W, but again it needs to be plugged into a 20W charging appendage to work.

The Daily Objects Surge is also able of charging two bias at formerly, but since its total affair is 20W, I would recommend only charging an accessory as the fresh device and not another smartphone as it would garrote the charging pets.

When charging the iPhone 14 Pro wirelessly

the Surge battery pack managed to charge it to 26 percent in 30 twinkles and completed the charge in 2 hours and 21 twinkles. When complete, the battery pack only had 40 percent of its 10,000 mAh capacity left, meaning that there was only enough for another top up charge, but not another full charge.

When charging the iPhone 14 Plus, the battery pack managed to charge it to just 16 percent in 30 twinkles and completed the charge in 3 hours and 26 twinkles, which is relatively slow. Once the charging was completed, there was just 22 percent left.

Wired charging saw better results on both iPhones

The Surge battery pack managed a 61 percent charge in just 30 twinkles and completed the charge in 1 hour and 53 twinkles. Since there was lower destruction when charging the wired way, I could actually manage another full charge using the battery pack.

With an iPhone 14 Plus plugged in, the battery pack managed a 49 percent charge in 30 twinkles and completed the charge in 2 hours and 2 twinkles with 36 percent capacity left in the tank. When snapped on the reverse of an iPhone 14 Pro, I managed to get about a whole redundant day of heavy operation.

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